Don’t Attempt a DIY Electrical Upgrade

Avoid a hospital trip by hiring us for electrical services in Spirit Lake, ID

You might be tempted to save money by trying to replace your light fixture or add an electrical outlet yourself, but a DIY project like this could be dangerous. Turn to an electrician in Spirit Lake, ID instead. Lakeland Electric, LLC can complete all of your residential electrical projects, including an electrical panel upgrade, while sticking to your budget and timeline.

We’d be happy to give you a free estimate for the electrical services you need. Call us at 208-660-5257 today.

Lakeland Electric can do it all

Lakeland Electric can do it all

For over ten years, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Spirit Lake, ID area with all kinds of electrical jobs. Call us today if you need any of the following electrical services:

  • A lighting upgrade: Want to save money on your monthly utility bills? Ask us to install energy-efficient LED lights throughout your home.
  • An electrical panel upgrade: If your system keeps blowing a fuse, it might be time to upgrade your breaker panel.
  • Home or room rewiring: Call an electrician in Spirit Lake, ID right away if your fuses trip frequently or you notice a burning smell coming from your electrical outlets. We can rewire your home safely.
  • A generator hookup: We’ll help you keep your lights on during a power outage.

Need a service that’s not listed here? We can complete just about any project that involves your electrical system. Contact us today to learn more about our residential electrical services.